Growing Older, Living Younger

The Science of Aging Gracefully And the Art of Retiring Comfortably

About The Book

Sever the link between your biological and chronological aging by harnessing the power of epigenetics. Just because you have a birthday every year, your body need not age a year.

Dr. Gillian Lockitch, medical specialist, professor, international speaker, wife and mother, had it all. Then her life drastically changed. She lost her husband of 30 years to cancer, her adult children moved away to pursue academic and professional careers, she downsized from her family home to a downtown high-rise condo and retired from her 25- year medical career. Then a devastating back injury forced her to give up ballroom dancing, the physical and social activity that was a primary source of happiness in her life.

This book tells the story of her journey from an inactive, overweight, widowed, isolated, depressed retiree to the vibrant author, speaker, entrepreneur and dancer that she is today. It describes the roadmap she laid out for herself to address issues of heredity, aging, mindset, goal setting, nutrition, physical activity, appearance and socialization.

Using her specialist medical training and her expertise in theatre, food and travel, she suggests ways of planning a fulfilling retirement with humor, intelligence and grace. She describes worked or didn’t work for her and offers simple ways to make changes in your aging trajectory to facilitate graceful aging and live out your years with a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Her book is a call to action. An invitation to you to live out your best aging trajectory, no matter where you are on your journey. If you are in your early or mid career, learn how to avoid her pitfalls and instead program your lifestyle for health and longevity. If you fear that your life is almost over and the best years are behind you, Dr. Lockitch will show you that life can actually get better with age. The best is yet to come. She will encourage you to dance, laugh, think, and help others live with joy and vitality in life.

Learn How To

  • Approach aging differently than the way your parents did

  • Modulate key factors that influence the aging process

  • Maintain a positive and optimistic mental attitude

  • Evaluate your nutritional state and make informed nutritional choices

  • Maintain physical health and mobility and ward off disorders of aging

  • Look and feel beautiful, healthy, energized and full of vitality

  • Stretch your cultural and travel boundaries

  • Find time and financial freedom to do what makes you happy and fulfilled

Discover how to age healthily and youthfully in mind, body and soul.

  • Make the choice to age healthily

  • Create a roadmap and set goals

  • Maintain a positive mindset, be mindful and exercise your brain

  • Evaluate your genetic risk factors and whether you can change them

  • Ensure your living environment promotes healthy sleep, activity and nutrition

  • Prevent falls and fractures

  • Maintain a healthy body weight and avoid the metabolic syndrome

  • Ensure you have good antioxidant protection

  • Keep your bones strong, your joints mobile, and your muscles flexible

  • Love your family

  • Nurture your friendships

  • Challenge yourself

“Genes are your biological blueprint, how they are expressed can be up to you.”
- Dr. Gillian Lockitch

About The Author

Author, researcher, teacher, journalist and international speaker, Dr. Gillian Lockitch is a dual certified Specialist Physician and Medical Professor Emerita at the University of British Columbia. During her 25-year academic medical practice, her research focused on biochemistry, nutrition and genetics. She authored 57 peer reviewed publications, 14 book chapters and was invited to speak at international conferences throughout Asia, Europe and North America. She received the 1998 YWCA Woman of Distinction Award for Science and Technology. On retirement, she switched her focus from science to the arts and established a second career writing online about theatre, food and wine, and the arts. She writes Travelblogues on her ballroom dance cruising around the world. A chance encounter on assignment to review a health and wellness trade show sent her career on a third trajectory, when she encountered a company with an innovative, geneticscience based focus on health and beauty, promoting healthy aging through applied epigenetics. After extensive research into the scientific, financial and philanthropic practices of the company, she launched a third career as a network entrepreneur helping people to age youthfully from both "inside-out and outside-in.” A Renaissance woman with a renewed passion for research and an understanding of leading edge science, coupled with a decade of writing about international arts and culture, Dr. Lockitch is uniquely positioned to accomplish her dream of helping all people be healthier, age youthfully and achieve financial freedom and their lifestyle goals.